Not just a clean car ... but a fresh experience!


Anyone can equip a tunnel to produce clean cars. The savvy operator goes beyond that – to produce a memorable experience. Done right, a car wash should appeal to the senses, while reassuring customers the wash is safe for them and their vehicles.

That's why Belanger developed the Signature® Series. With its bright powder-coated finish and patented elliptical beams the Signature® Series looks like no other car wash on the market.

Just as customers prefer stylish cars, they'll gravitate to the sleek, curved design and rich colors of the Signature® Series. From the moment a customer enters the wash, it's clear the Signature® Series is something truly special.


Driven to please ... now choose electric or hydraulic drive!


The Signature® Series has always given you choices, to 'make the wash your own.' Now you can also choose the drive technology – electric or hydraulic – that suits your business needs and operating style. This means your Signature® Series won't just be a joy to own – it will be a pleasure to run, too.


Vist www.Belangerinc.com for more information.


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